Half-way Surprise Party

When I turned 12, I thought old was something you became when you reached a certain age or health level. As my daughter turned 12, I realized that old is something you start to feel when you realize you are almost out of time to influence who your children will become.

We were going to have a get together with her friends this coming weekend but we had a last minute change of plans to ‘Movie Night’ at home on her actual birthday. I made up a cute cake I found on FamilyFun.com after Jon scoured Walmart then a local gas station for the Spree candies and Fruit-by-the-Foot. I made the Wilson frosting and remembered why I love it so much (yum). We watched ‘Enchanted’ and laughed hysterically.

She picked out the pizza she wanted and we made it at home with popcorn too. Cake and ice cream were dished up after the movie. Apparently I put the ‘sillies’ inside the cake on accident though, because she could not stop laughing and giggling!