Curve Ball

Ever feel like you have the best of intentions but nothing seems to go according to plan? That is kind of how I’m feeling about this blog! I finally have my computer back and just got done catching up on all my fabulous friends’ amazing blogs…well, welcome to mediocre land ladies (my blog)! I just wanted to say that some of my friends have helped me realize (without knowing it) that my life is truly full, blessed and overflowing with abundance. God is so good, all the time (right Frizzy?) Our children are each a miracle and a reminder of God’s power (right Amy?) and a church home is a foundation for our lives (right E?) And every once in a while, we have to go crazy and do something like get a mowhawk! (ok, not exactly but the Parkers know what I mean!) I am so grateful for each of you and the countless others in my life who help God bring His words to life for me each day! Each day is how things seem to be around this house with crazy schedules, school for all four of us right now and things like a swollen, twisted ankle. (note to self: slow down when you are wearing those 4 inch heels!) Probably our biggest news is that we are now MSgt SkipperClan and family (hoooray!) Here are a couple of random pictures from our year so far. Hugs!