Since almost every holiday in our family is spent apart, we are somewhat lacking in the traditions department. Many events pass by without a single snapshot or kids’ craft as a memento. Of course, just because history or a retailer has decided that a particular date on the calendar has, doesn’t mean that every day is not a gift from God (for this is the day the Lord has made). So anyway, holidays tend to sneak up on me but my friends on Facebook made me realize that Mardi Gras and Carnivale are just around the corner. Since I’m pretty sure there isn’t going to be a local celebration in our little rural Pennsylvania town, I thought I’d share pictures from our first Carnivale in Bella Italia.

We had just arrived so we were still staying in the pensione in our little town. We were able to stroll through the piazza enjoying local musicians and food. Two years later, we finally ventured to attend some of the celebrations in Venice. Since we wanted to go with the kids, we opted to venture out during the day but we were still not disappointed in the costumes and interaction that day. Despite the cold weather that February, the sun was shining and the smiles were everywhere. SkipperClanJr enjoyed just wearing his pirate hat and KitKat and I were treated to a little face pain.

Carnivale with a Pirate

Carnivale with a Princess

Ok, so KitKat doesn’t exactly look thrilled, but I love that we have taken advantage of what is around us to help our children realize that while people may seem to have differences around the world, deep down we all enjoy community, fun and smiles. If it takes a few over-retailed events throughout the year to help us remember this, so be it.