I Am Not a Morning Person

I am not a morning person. God has wired me to enjoy the hours that follow the sun’s bedtime. However, I chose to marry a man who’s energy level seems to precede the sunrise. (Click for Webster’s take on strange) Today as I have heard the earth coming to life with the dawn, I find myself reflecting on the lives around us. This last week has been filled with such variety of emotions that I can only picture it as a bouquet of wildflowers.

The brightest bloom in my arrangement is a little miracle named Daniel who has been prayed for many years. Arriving seven weeks early and just under five pounds, he and his mama are constantly in my prayers. It truly is amazing how God has designed our lives, taken care of each detail we couldn’t forsee! Surrounding this joy, are wisps of flowers more dull in color, as yet another family member finds herself listening to a doctor speak the dreaded “C” word. The pain, emotions and fear related to that word help me rededicate my commitment to funding research to find cures. For so many of us the dailies, I mean daisies, are the sick kids, messy houses, laundry, job stress (or lack of a job stress), maxed out schedules. The wind that comes along and scatters the bouquets of so many of my friends right now is the destruction of Divorce. I’m praying for you ladies, unfortunately, you are not alone.

So, here I sit, with this bunch of wildflowers. Holding onto it tightly. It has beauty and life, yet it holds sadness and death. What do I do? How long will it last? Do I have the right flowers in it, have I picked the right ones? Are there others still tucked away inside, hidden from my view? I hope so. I know that the One I trust in has created it. I know that He wants me to share it with you. I wonder what yours looks like. I hope it is full of love.