Well, I’ve always said I hated it but here I go. I am really going to start running. See Tammy Run. I never really participated in sports as a kid and I’m pretty much useless in anything involving throwing or catching a ball. When I met my husband and his family and they all went running, together, for fun, in Florida, year round, I really thought they were CRAZY. Now of course, I know they are awesome…and we are all crazy so it’s ok. Back to running.

So SkipperClan started running consistently again a couple of years ago and I’ve hit a lick at a snake (that means I’ve made a few attempts for those of ya’ll from above the Mason Dixon) a couple of times each summer, but I’ve never WANTED to do it. However, I’m not getting younger and I am SICK of fighting the extra 10-15 pounds that I was not carrying around a few years ago. So I decided that this really would be my most effective tool and I might as well give it a serious try. So we went Friday and found me an expensive, I mean, extremely comfortable pair of running shoes.

Came home and jogged a mile. Got up Saturday, ran/walked a mile. Got up Sunday (at o’dark thirty) and drove to DC for the Race for Hope and walked a 5K. here’s where I knew something had gone terribly wrong: I was itching to run and jog with the racers instead of hanging with my new friends and our canine companions for the walking portion (gasp!) Today we went to the Y for some weight training and I kinda wanted to go for a quick run when we got home.

We didn’t have a lot of time though because we went to the running store for a beginner runner clinic he was holding tonight. He gave us great tips and hopes to cover more on nutrition next week. So if you are in the area, Monday at 5:30 meet me at The Runner’s Sole! There is a group that runs together and they are going to meet at Memorial Park Wednesday at 6pm. I’m not up for that quite yet but they do have a plan for people who are just starting all the way for those running marathons already. So, here are my fav tips for beginners:

· You should be able to talk in about 14 word sentences while you run. If you can only do a few words, slow down. If you can ‘recite the Gettysburg Address’ then speed up. (I can’t do that anyway!)
· Decide your goal (I’d like to be able to go out and do a 5K even if I only find out about it the night before, I love charity events for these!)
· Then, figure out where you are. Work on being able to run the distance you want, then you can work on time later.
· If you can’t even run one mile (I can but not every time I go out), then do intervals of walking/running until you can do at least a mile of just jogging/running.
· Kids who are still growing have softer bones so they actually need a longer recoup time than adults do.
· Running really is one of the least expensive sports: $100 pair of shoes, $8 for socks that wick away moisture and a road, GO! (I contest that some of us girls have one other vital piece of equipment and if anyone has tips on finding one for a girl with more upstairs, just let me know! LOL)

Ok, so everyone won’t get this far but a few of you might. If so, and if you have tips, I’d love to hear them!