Tuesday Tip: Reduce Decisions

I read this sometime last year but can’t remember if it was in my favorite magazine, in a great book like this one, or maybe one of Marla’s many tips. It was however, one of the best tips I have ever heard: reduce the number of decisions you have to make. If you sign up for a Wednesday Night Bible Study then you have made that decision. Each week as Wednesday rolls around, you are not going to keep making that decision (Am I going to Bible Study tonight or am I too tired? Will the kids behave in the nursery? What if it rains?). So, what is the #1 thing you find yourself deciding on all the time? For me, it seemed to be, “What’s for dinner?!?!” Sometimes because I was too tired to make the decision, sometimes because I was simply not prepared with ingredients, sometimes because my whiny wonderful family didn’t want what I had planned.

So, after I wrote down all of our commitments through the end of the year on the family calendar I realized we had to go back to planning meals, or we might not eat lose more weight than we intended. Some of you have already seen the list on Facebook but the real trick is just deciding. Even if all you start with is writing down the meals you find yourself making over and over again. Then stick one of those meals onto the calendar for the next week. Repeat. Ta-da: meal planning. Now look at what you already have and write down what you need to get from the store this week to make it happen. Good luck! And if you have an easy, quick, YUMMY recipe to share, I need it for my Tuesdays!