An Open Letter to My Husband

You are such an amazing support for me! This last spring, we had a heart-to-heart about my goals and dreams. You knew I was putting everything and everyone before myself and you loved me enough to call me on it. That was a rough day for me but it was exactly what I needed. You believed in me. You knew I could do anything I set my mind to. We mapped out a plan. You pitched in more. You found the boot camp class. You agreed to spend a small fortune money-well-worth-it on a new pair of running shoes for me even though I’d said I was going to run before and quit almost as soon as I hit the pavement. You even drove me to the Y on those pre-dawn mornings when I was too sleepy to think. You encouraged me to run the trails of the local State Park which trained me to use different muscles than just running the roads. You helped me ice down the shin splints when they came. You helped me slow down when I needed to.

I told you that I didn’t want to run marathons but I wanted to be fit enough to run a 5K for charity, even if I got short notice about it. Once I got started, I knew I wanted to do it before the summer was over. With school starting and schedules filling up quickly, I’d let go of the timeline and put it aside. You jumped right in when I told you about a local race and went with me to start prepping the very next day.

Today was the culmination of my hard work and your patience. We arrived way too early and it was a little chilly but we were both excited to get our first official time in a 5K, together!

Well, not together on the course exactly but you know what I mean. I never thought my first running 5K would be on a gravel road in a corn field, but it was. I never thought I’d be able to run the entire thing, but I did. I NEVER thought I’d get a medal in my first race, but I did. And you did too! I love you more than words can say and I’ll never forget this day.

I didn’t think there would be a need to have a camera, so some of these are simply the best we can get from our phones 🙂

Me – 2nd Place in Age Group

You – 3rd Place in Age Group


The Girl Who Hated Running More Than Anyone {aka Your Wife}