50 reasons to start using coupons

Several weeks ago I was inspired by MoneySavingMom’s 31 Days to a Better Budget Series and decided to just start making simple, easy changes to my shopping routines. I wasn’t ready to get a notebook like this one or sit at the library for hours going through their basket of coupons to fill up a box like this.

I was willing to cut coupons from the Sunday paper and put the in a small index card holder. I keep that little file in my purse or van so I can use them when the opportunity comes up.

Today we had to pick up a few things for the house and as I started pulling out the coupons I needed, I realized several were going to expire in a couple of days. Then I realized that these items were “on Rollback” at Walmart. We did spend a little time matching items to the coupons but it was well worth it because of how much I saved. How much you ask? Well, it turns out Walmart has a dollar-limit on coupons! If you have over $50 in coupons, they have to get a supervisor to approve the transaction. Yes, over $50 in coupons on a bill that came to just over $116. My goal is to be able to use the grocery money each week taking advantage of sales so that I pay full price for as little as possible.

I actually had several coupons that I left on the shelves because I had so many for similar products. I only used the ones that made the final cost of items free or almost free. Lo and behold, when I got further into my shopping I found coupons even better than the ones I had waiting by products I needed to purchase! I left my less-valuable coupons and used the better ones someone else had left behind.

About $35 of the total bill was for items we needed like the air filter for which I didn’t have any coupons. I also picked up a few things from their back-to-school sale to donate through our church’s programs for kids who need school supplies or Operation Shoebox. These items for donation were no more than 50cents each. So here is what you can get with just BASIC coupon use. Remember, I did nothing more than cut these from our Sunday papers and have them with me. This was also at Walmart so none of the coupons were doubled either.