Becoming Relevant

I wish I could remember…all the little links and steps, leading me to Relevant. It’s blurry now. It wasn’t to God.

June began, final papers, relapse of back pain, kids to their grandparents, husband to work. I read.

I read an email newsletter from Dave Ramsey…grocery shopping tips, or moms working from home. Then I searched the magic box called Google. I found Money Saving Mom. I read for hours. Money saving ideas, stories of financial hope, determination.

A pivotal thought: instead of trying to remember to visit the site, follow on Twitter.

Then someone followed me on Twitter, someone I didn’t know IRL (in real life). All I knew was she was @Forthegirls. She led me to another, and to another, and someone, somewhere shared @SarahMaeBlogs and Like a Warm Cup of Coffee, and I followed.

Another day, more back pain recovery time, another search, or was it a link from Facebook? Was it my dear friend Amy that found Courtney first? A Marriage Challenge! Yes, technology as a tool to build my marriage, my family, my life. That was something I could get excited about sharing with others. The blogging began – again.

July & August: Twitter exploded, followers every day, finding others to follow. Classes started again. Job opportunities arose. Possibilities of moving came to the dinner table discussions. I finally clicked the little link to Relevant and learned what it was. No plans were made, we didn’t even know where our mail would be going in October.

September demanded attention with school, sports and Bible studies. Nagging, tugging, pulling in the back of my mind for months, the little Relevant button. The women shared life changing ideas and encouragement through my little screen. I tried to imagine what strength awaited in person. We learned we would not move this fall. I cannot go, I don’t know a single person, the money should be spent elsewhere, I’ll already be away one weekend in October

October: A contest for a ticket. It’s three weeks away. I haven’t even discussed it with my husband, I never thought I’d go. If I won the ticket, would you mind if I went? He smiled, his words like a hug, even if you don’t win, just buy the ticket and go!

17 days. Our busiest schedule as a family, EVER. We made a way. GOD made the way. He knew. He always does. I needed to be there. He needed to pull me away from everything I knew, to speak to me.

He is still speaking. I am journaling for 30 days. I’m living intentionally. I am finding what it means to be Relevant today. Tomorrow. I don’t know yet what it means for my blog. But my life will never be the same.

I will be sharing more about the speakers, music, gifts and details in the coming weeks. What is the experience in your life that comes to mind when I say the words: God’s power?