I have not outgrown the game of blowing bubbles. Opening the bottle, finding the plastic wand, feeling my hands getting sticky as soon as I start. The magical feeling of seeing that light, floating ball escape from the wand just from the pressure of my breath. Its reflection of light shows me rainbows. Its go-with-the-flow movement carries me away. It takes my gaze upward. I cannot restrain a smile. Others want to join me. My muscles allow their tension to float away with each drifting orb. Sometimes nothing comes from the wand. Just a pop.

I thought that one was going to be great. It did not even get a start.

There is another one that is still flying…every time it gets close to something and I think it is going to burst, a drift of wind, a child’s breath, saves it from destruction and sends it back into the sky.

God gave me bubbles at the Relevant Conference. There are so many I cannot even glimpse them all. I reach to grasp them with my wand so I can study them, figure out what jewels He has put in my heart. They escape capture and drift around me.

I know He is preparing me for more than a move from one city to another. He is giving me glimpses of His plan for our future, for my future. I pray that I would be open to His possibilities. I pray that I would diligently seek Him. I pray that the result is a blessing to those I share space with: both the physical and the online spaces.

Have you ever felt God was taking you through a season of uncertainty to help you focus on future work?