Get It Together: Toilets, Tubs and Towels

Tuesdays are a b-u-s-y day in this house. Oh, who am I kidding? Every day is a busy day in our house! Mrsakcheese commented yesterday that perfectionism can also be a hindrance, this is definitely true for me. I cannot tell you how many times I have said to myself, I can’t do ______ because I have to ______ instead.

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received was to stop myself each time I think, “I have to, should or must” do something. Do I really? Many times frustration comes from the difference between what we have told ourselves we must do and the reality of what we have done. So many times that difference has been because of the unrealistic expectations I have placed on myself.

The we-just-made-an-offer super clean version

In our house, the state of my bathroom is a pretty good thermometer for the health of my home-making. Now, this is not a debate about the roles of men and women and just for the record, my husband is a huge help in our home. This is simply what is true for our home: when there is mold and scum taking up residence in the shower, there is a pretty good chance I have lost focus on making my home a haven.

Tuesday: Toilets, Tubs and Towels

I had the privilege of having help with cleaning my home this spring as our school year was coming to an end. One thing I learned from her was the effectiveness of cleaning the bathroom in a certain order. Many of you do not need a tutorial on cleaning your bathroom, but not everyone grew up with someone who showed them how to care for their home. This is how I will be handling my space each Tuesday.

1. Spray or apply cleaners first to toilet and shower.
2. Put away any items on sink top like curling iron, toothbrushes.
3. Spray sink top with cleaner.
4. Start towels in the washer.
5. Use scrub brush on shower walls then floor. Rinse.
6. Scrub inside of toilet bowl then wipe down the outside of the toilet starting at the top. Work down to the floor (don’t forget the sides and back of the bowl). I only use disposable wipes or paper towels with cleaner for this job.
7. Wipe down countertop and rinse sink bowl when done.
The mirror may or may not get done since it’s part of the Thursday routine for me. Floors get done on Fridays.

I am working on incorporating more natural solutions for cleansers and using washable microfiber cloths instead of paper towels. With this new weekly schedule, I am cleaning my own bathroom and the kids take turns cleaning either their own bathroom or the half-bath downstairs.

What room in your home serves as a trigger for you that things may be sliding in home maintenance? How do you let go of perfectionism to just get things done?
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