Get it Together: Floors (and Foto Friday #9)

If you missed the posts earlier this week, I shared how I use a weekly cleaning schedule I found at Women Living Well.

Mondays – Menus and Markets

Tuesdays – Toilets, Tubs and Towels

Wednesdays – Wash Day

Thursdays – Dust (well, they both have the letters d, u, s, &t)

Fridays – Floors

Friday is upon us and it is time to get down and dirty. I thought it would be fun to show you some of the floors we have had during our military life. How can floors make an interesting Foto Friday?

You may have already seen our adventures in my current office area from a year ago in this post. We went from carpet to wood laminate right before the holidays.

Unless you have traveled outside of the United States though, I am not sure anything could prepare you for this.

ItalyFloor1 ItalyFloor3 ItalyFloor6
ItalyFloor7 ItalyFloor4 ItalyFloor5

I guess it would seem crazy that we would have lived six different places with such crazy tile right? Oh no, this was all in one apartment.

That does not even show all the different floors. It gets better…


This shows you where the floor tile in the kitchen, met the wall tile in the kitchen. What it does not show you is that there was a wallpaper border along the ceiling in red, white and blue with apples in baskets. Also? This was one of four apartments in the building and each one had the same patterns in the same rooms.

I truly grew accustomed to this though and while living with this tile, I also got to see the floors of:


The Vatican


Church in Aquileia, the ancient Roman ruins are stories deep in this town


Notre Dame

I pray that whatever floors you are cleaning today, that you are “walking, leaping and praising God” – Acts 3:8b