Toes in the Water

Friday I stepped into the coastal waters of the West Coast. The Puget Sound helped me realize what a truly magnificent journey the last few weeks have been.


The sight of the beach, the feel of the rocks beneath my feet, and the evidence of tidal flows each filled my heart. Sand meeting water sent me home to summers in Florida. Rocky beaches sent me across the Atlantic to the coastal towns of Cinque Terre. The patterned rocks, driftwood and moss made me feel at home in God’s uniquely designed Creation.


I have such deep awe and admiration for the men, women and children who took the great Westward journeys in our country’s infancy. I am so grateful and abundantly blessed to have the opportunity to see the world, for a loving family and the countless friends who have prayed us safely here. I cannot wait to share the tales of our military family’s coast-to-coast travels here, stay tuned…

    What questions do you have for me? What would you want to know if you found out you were moving over 3000 miles away two months from now?