Ten Things I Love about the Pacific Northwest

Fifty. That is the number of days we have been in Washington State. Instead of writing a blog post about 50 things, how about I stick to just 10?

1. I love living in an area where the people are from everywhere, have wildly different opinions about things, but still say “thanks” and “nice to meet you.” It feels like what America should be everywhere you go.

All American Street

2. I love that everything is so green. It makes you appreciate life despite, or possibly because of, all the rain.

Herb Garden at the Local Farmers' Market

3. I love that we can spend time together as a family and that my husband is not deployed (at least for now).

The Family by Clare Shaver

4. I absolutely love that I can walk a trail from my house to the beach.


5. I love how happy this dog gets when we walk together.

Happy Dog

6. I love having a walk-in closet.

If only it were all mine...

7. I love that my boys know how to make the most of a rainy climate.

Boys and their Toys


8. I love that we have seen a ton of wildlife already, including a coyote and…


9. I love that every once in a while “the mountain is out.”

The best I could do with my phone's camera

10. I love that you get to come along with us, no matter where you are, because of this great thing called blogging.

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What do you love most about where you are right now?