My house shall be called…

We sold our home, it was an answer to prayer. It was an answer to many prayers. People we do not even know have prayed for us.

I think it is easy for us to take a moment and pray for those in critical situations like the victims of the earthquakes in Japan.

We cannot imagine their suffering, their great physical need, the urgency of their circumstances. It is wonderful and powerful that we do this.

Why do we think our days need less prayer than this?

Why do we spend hours, days, and weeks on programs in our church buildings yet only minutes per week in prayer? I say we because I am part of this group.

A question was asked in a video I saw today that struck a chord with me. (Remember, we have recently moved and we are searching for the church in which God has planned for us.) The question was, “Why are we willing to spend $20 to attend a concert at church but are not willing to be part of a focused time of prayer?”

If you do not know me, I cannot begin to express to you the importance of music in my soul. I believe it is an essential tool in joy and in worship.

After today though, I have to wonder if I have made it the center of church. If not the music, maybe the sermon? Do I see that as the ‘main point’ of attending a worship service?

Jesus said in Luke 19:46 his house (the church) shall be “called a house of prayer.” I believe the message from the Pastor and the music are also important, foundational even to our ability to become more like our ultimate example, Christ. What are these things if we are not praying? I don’t just mean praying before a meal out of routine, but earnestly, patiently, willingly praying.

Will you take the time to listen to what he has to say? How can I pray for you today?