I was checking out one of my favorite blogs today when Jen asked us to share about our favorite photo. Now, there is no way I could come up with just one, but this is definitely one of the first that comes to mind whenever someone asks me that question.

A vacation to the coast of Italy. A little village called Manarola. A few days where the plans and reservations went out the window and I learned a little bit more about what really matters in life. God’s creation, family and food. How they are meant to be shared and savored.

Taking the photo was one of those moments. Not just a “I can’t believe I’m at the coast of Italy at sunset” moments, but a “He won’t always be this little boy” moment. The image was captured in the camera and on my heart at the same time. It is why I love traveling. It is why I love photography.

Could you pick just one favorite photo? Can you share it with us on your blog?