In Sickness and In Health

Did you write your own vows? Did you go with the traditional ones?

We were young when we got married. We had a simple service on a very, very limited budget. We were both in college, working full time and spending lots of time with our families. We thought the traditional marriage vows were beautiful and really did not need one more creative thing on our to-do list. One of the things we promised was to care for each other…

…in sickness and in health…

Traditional did not mean we were unaware of what we were committing to each other though. Over seventeen years later, those words still ring true. We may think of cancer or disability testing those vows, but the everyday can be just as much of a trial.

Like when your back decides it has had enough and you can hardly walk by yourself.

So many people in marriage today are concerned about which tasks are their responsibility and which ones belong to their spouse’s. What we need to consider is how we can serve our spouses. What is that simple task that would bless them? After five days of spending nearly every moment in bed, I ventured to the table for lunch today. When I came back to bed because of my back, I saw this:

SkipperClan is taking care of the things that are normally on my “list.” He is doing it without complaint. He is doing it with a smile. He is truly my helpmate. It reminds me to be that to him. I promised to, and I am so glad I did.

What can you do today to serve your spouse? You might not hear thank you, but then again, you might be surprised.

PS-These are the extra sheets that match a handmade Americana style quilt we have, I really do know how to decorate with color.