Pocket Change makes Major Change

I learned a long time ago that my work is about much more than lipstick.

It’s about women: sometimes broken, often hurting, always needing encouragement.

Every day challenges can be difficult. The challenges of cancer and domestic violence can seem insurmountable.

The Mary Kay Foundation’s “mission is to eliminate cancer and to end the epidemic of violence against women. {Their} accomplishments are highlighted in the 2010 Year in Review.”

Each year I have worked with customers who rounded up their order total or added a dollar to give to the Foundation in honor of Mary Kay’s birthday. This year I have a bigger goal. $1000

I am not asking you for $1000 though. I am asking you for $2.

If each Twitter follower, Facebook friend and customer gave $2, we would far exceed that goal. Will you pass up the vending machine today and give here instead? Can you gather up the change from the sofa, or the bottom of your purse to make an impact?

Today you can go directly to our team page. Today you can share this with friends, family, co-workers and small business owners who like to see their donations have major impact. We have just a few days left to reach our goal by Mary Kay’s birthday on May 12th. There is even going to be a party on Facebook.

Your donation goes directly to the Foundation, not to me. It is tax deductible. Thank you for giving $2 (or more!) on our Foundation Builders Team Page. Thank you for sharing this with the people in your lives. I look forward to sharing that we have reached our goal in a few days!