10 Things We Can Change

10 Years that the Mary Kay Foundation has donated to CancerCare.
9 Days between diagnosis of cancer for both parents in this family.
8 Percent of high school girls who said a date or boyfriend had forced sex against their will.
7 Myths and facts about cancer you can read about here.
6 Companies that have donated $10,000 or more to the Foundation.
5 Million dollars given in 2010 by the Mary Kay Foundation to vital programs.
4 Decades women live before annual mammogram screenings are recommended.
3 Straight years that domestic violence incidents have risen.
2 Dollars the Foundation receives when you recycle an old cell phone.
1 Cause of injury to 15-44 year old women – domestic violence.

Please consider giving just $2 today to change the future for women and children today.

Today I’m linking up with OhAmanda here and sharing my Top 10.