Once a Veteran, Always a Veteran

Update: This organization is no longer in service, you can support vets here.


Happy Memorial Day! I hope you enjoyed great food at cookouts with friends and families. I know many of you remembered to say an extra prayer on this day for those serving abroad.

But have you ever wondered how you can really make a difference in the life of a veteran?

Did you know only about 1% of our country’s population has served in the military? Even if you include their parents, spouses and children, the majority of our nation’s citizens have not personally known what living the military lifestyle is like. Despite being a military spouse, I was shocked to learn that more military members have died from suicide in the last two years than combat.

Hopefully you know by now that I seek to encourage and share here on the blog, so I will not leave you with such a sad statistic. Sunday I heard from a man who has started an amazing organization that is

“dedicated to Eliminating Veteran Suicide in our Nation.”
They aren’t just raising funds and educating veterans, they are bringing together those who have survived and thrived with those who are currently returning. They are getting to know each other, they are building projects together, they are connecting new veterans to the services available to them.

Rod reminded us that a veteran is always a veteran.
There is no off switch to flip just because they have returned from the sandbox or their enlistments have ended. We send care packages, say prayers and fly flags to honor them when they are in harm’s way. Let us continue to honor them when they return home.

* Donate to help the work of Vets Meet Vets
* Volunteer to help at Networking Events, to be a City Captain or a Coach
* Share your knowledge about services available to Veterans
* Pray for this team, our returning veterans and their families

Click on the Logo above or here to go to www.vetsmeetvets.org and learn how you can help our veterans today.