Finishing the Bible in 90 Days

Well, not 90, but how about 144 days?
When I shared with you that I was taking the Challenge to Read the Bible in 90 Days, I also said I planned to blog every Monday to hold myself accountable. A cross country move, new home and my general ability to over commit kept me from keeping up as planned. I wanted to share a few of the many thoughts I have from completing this challenge, even though I was late to the finish line.

1. At least I finished! Seriously, my husband long ago lost count of all the things I said I was going to do but never even made it to the midpoint of the journey. I had one of my best friends take the challenge with me and I know I would not have finished if it were not for her encouragement and perseverance. (She finished in just over 90 days!)

2. Even when I fell behind schedule, the verses I read each day truly seemed to be for that particular day in my life. I don’t believe in coincidence when it comes to God’s Word. We were in a difficult period of negotiation selling our house in late March and April but God used specific scriptures to calm my spirit on some of the hardest days.

3. Some of the books that were harder to read through were not the ones I expected. Be honest, even if you have read and prayed every morning of your life, would you not think the genealogy reading might be some of the hardest to read through? I found Isaiah and Jeremiah some of the hardest. I think it was because of two things. First, that I was so far behind schedule when I got to these, that I kept thinking about stopping and just starting over in July. Second, these books are filled with not only the story of God’s people in their captivity, but countless prophecies concerning Jesus. It was difficult to read quickly when trying to consider the verses in relation to both ‘plots.’

4. II Corinthians is one of the most beautiful books in all of God’s Word. There is grief, pain, compassion, love, perseverance, faithfulness…it’s like the Fruit of the Spirit in action in the early church. It is where I’ll be spending time in June during my morning quiet time. I wanted to share an individual verse with you here but I truly cannot pick one. Read one chapter of this per day in June if you are looking to add daily Bible reading to your routine.

5. God is waiting for you, for me, each day. One of the amazing ladies I met here in Washington put it this way. “It’s like each morning He is waiting. Oh, she is waking up, alright! Now we are going to have some time together! Oh, well, of course she has to brush her teeth and get the kids ready for school, but in a few minutes we are going to talk about her day, My plans for her. Oh, the phone rang, ok, a few more minutes then. Hmmm, she seems to have forgotten to say good morning to Me.”

Can you picture it?! God has given us thousands of His very words, they are waiting for us each day. You are the one He is waiting to talk to today. Why don’t you spend a few minutes today letting Him know what is on your heart, then reading something, anything, maybe 2 Corinthians, and hearing what He has to say to you.

Have you ever committed to reading the entire Bible? Tell me what happened. If you are visiting today and you took the Bible in 90 Days Challenge, would you link up at the bottom of this post?
If you are interested in doing this, you can learn more about the Bible in 90 Days Challenge by clicking here.

Today I am linking up with Courtney over at Women Living Well. Hosting a Good Morning Girls group last Fall was key in my re-commitment to reading God’s Word each morning.