Summer Plans

Summer Plans

The stunning weather we had Saturday got me thinking about summer fun. This could be one of only two summers I will have both kids at home, but I try not to think about that. A close friend of mine worked on her summer goal list recently and since then, I’ve been thinking of all the things I want to do with the next three months.

Reading-I shared my summer reading list recently and I’ve already changed it up. Not only did I finish reading through the Bible, I realized “The Procrastinator’s Guide…” was more of a psychological survey of reasons we procrastinate. I replaced it with “Reshaping It All,” about which I cannot wait to tell you more.

Beach Time-One of the best features of our new home is we can take a walking path directly out to the beach area. Now, this isn’t the white sandy beaches of the Florida panhandle, but that won’t stop the fun. We can picnic there, walk along viewing wildlife and soak up the sun.

Projects-I recently found Laura’s site and I am hooked on her 52 Weeks series. I started a list of projects and plan to finish at least one per week. This week I am tackling the ever-growing pile of donate/sell items we started piling as we unpacked.

Outdoor Adventures-We plan to take advantage of the amazing parks in this area. Mt. Ranier, the Olympic National Forest, and Mt. St. Helens are all within a couple hours’ drive. Kit-Kat insists we go camping and I have no doubt we’ll be hiking as part of it all. We are hoping to make it to the San Juan Island area and see the whales too.

Crafting-I have come across a few ideas lately for projects that I can do with papercrafting, creating and decorating. Some of these are going on my project list but they will use my greatly neglected creative side, so they will feel like fun instead of work.

Visits With Friends-Ok, so this one isn’t a very long list right now. If things go according to plan (hmmm, when does that happen?), we’ll be seeing friends later this month from Maryland and friends from Utah in August. (If you would like to come visit, let me know!)

We will be fitting these activities in among our work schedules, piano lessons, Boy Scouts and tumbling practice. I also hope to have a few days completely unscheduled. I think free time refreshes us when it is used to truly rest from the daily busyness of life.

What do you have planned this summer? Are there activities or tourist spots near your home that you’ve been meaning to try?