Aftermath of a PCS

Here in the military world, PCS stands for Permanent Change of Station. It should stand for Piles of Chaos Surrounding us.

I can hardly believe we have been in the new house nearly three months. It makes the fact that these boxes were still in my house even more ridiculous.

(No, I am not getting rid of the little dog or the Kindle)

Well, maybe not ridiculous, but very annoying. This week I started working on my project list inspired by Laura’s 52 Weeks Challenge over at I knew my first priority would be these boxes.

As we unpacked after the move, we placed one box on each level. Things that we did not use, did not fit or would not work in the new house, got added to the boxes. When most of the unpacking was done, SkipperClan moved them downstairs for me to sort and take to the base Thrift Store for consignment or donation.

I was still very busy with the details of selling our home in Pennsylvania, meeting new clients and generally taking care of the myriad of finding new – everythings – here in Washington. Boy Scouts, piano teacher, dentist…if you have ever moved, you know this drill. SkipperClan was settling into his new job and his college class. SkipperClanJr and KitKat were making the big move to mainstream American public high school from the online charter school setting we had enjoyed for nearly three years. We also wanted to spend the few sunny days available in March and April doing things outdoors. The nearby beach, local parks, motorcycle riding…

So basically, I procrastinated.

Then my back went out. Every day we walked by two growing piles of stuff waiting to be set free from our home.

This is when a normal person would have just had her husband load them into the van and drop them off at Goodwill, even without a receipt, just to have her sanity back.

Since I am not normal, we lived with them until this week. I finally sorted the items into two lists: what needed to be donated and what would go to the base for consignment. Yesterday, the first set of items were consigned and today the donations get dropped at Goodwill. I will make a couple more trips next week to consign the rest of the items since there is a limit on the number of items per day. I plan to use whatever money is earned to add to our savings that was decimated by the home sale. There are certainly a few bags and boxes in my van, but for tonight, we can enjoy a movie night in this space.


What have you been procrastinating on that could be finished today? Have you saved your sanity by donating items instead of holding a garage sale?