My New Pinterest

Journals, bulletin boards, torn out magazine pages…have you tried in the past to keep track of ideas and inspiration with these methods? While I love finding the ideas, I hate having more paper to organize and search through when I am ready to work on a project. Enter Pinterest.

You get an invitation to join this website and create your free account. It will install a shortcut to your toolbar that says “Pin It.” Anytime you see something online you want to refer back to, you just click that button. It allows you to choose which image from the site you want to use when pinning to your boards. You can create different boards for different categories. They function like individual files in a file drawer. Instead of just saving the picture though, it is saving a link back to the page you viewed it from: whether it is a recipe, design idea or something you want to purchase as a gift.

For instance, let’s say you want to remember to read the book I mentioned last week, How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World. You will just click on the button on your toolbar that says “Pin It” and you will see a pop-up window like this:

When you hover over the picture you want to use, you will see a bubble open that says “Pin This”:

When you have clicked on that blue bubble, you get to decide how much detail your “Pin” will have.

*What board will you use?
*How will you describe this image?
*Do you want to publish a link for this on Twitter or Facebook? (if you have those accounts linked)
*Who will you mention this to by including them @TheirPinterestName
*What tags do you want to include? #book #kindle
*How much does it cost? $9.99

Voila! You will have the image saved along with the link back to the site with the review!

But wait, there’s more!

You can view what others have posted to Pinterest, whether you follow them or not. The dessert I made for our 4th of July cookout was something I found on Pinterest. I have also organized a few things around the house like my daughter’s hair supplies…

I have boards for decorating ideas, gifts to give, recipes to try just to name a few. The hardest thing about Pinterest is getting off of the site long enough to give some of the ideas a try.

What system do you currently use to keep track of inspiration in your life? If you are on Pinterest will you leave a comment below? Feel free to leave a comment if you are interested in an invite too.