How Social Media Brought Me Closer to God

Does that title sound strange to you? I have the internet on my cell phone, movies available on demand and all forms of social media accounts. I blog, tweet, Facebook and am LinkedIn. Add these “distractions” to a family, husband in the military and a home based business and you might be shocked that I read anything, much less strive for a daily quiet time.

Over the last year, however, social media has helped me do exactly that. One year ago, we had just completed our second full year of school at home, I was still working on my college degree and we thought we were getting ready to move to Virginia. While I attended church regularly and sporadically managed a devotion time on my own, I knew I was missing out on the blessing of a devoted daily quiet time.

I reached out to friends across the globe on Facebook. For the month of July, we read a chapter from John each day. After reading, we shared thoughts as a “note” on Facebook only visible to the ladies who had committed to reading. While it was a huge blessing to hear the thoughts of these ladies on the passages and pray with them for needs in their lives, the best part was that they were willing to help hold me accountable to that daily time. I didn’t do it every day that month, but it was a start.

By Fall, I knew I wanted that accountability for a longer season. We were waiting to see if our home would sell and where the Air Force would take us since the assignment in Virginia did not go as planned. (If there is ever a theme in my life it is: things do not go according to plan). Enter Good Morning Girls run by Courtney and Angela. Instead of being placed in a group with other women from across the web, I asked a few of my friends to join me on the journey. Again, several women answered my request with a “yes” and shared their desire to have that daily quiet time. It may be a study you are doing in your church, a single verse or scripture memorization that we were working on individually; but as a group we were saying, “Here is what I loved/learned/want to share from my quiet time, how about you?” Over the three months my consistency improved greatly. I went from seeing the daily time as an item on the to-do list to craving the words and mental focus.

As our group neared it’s final commitment in mid-December, I knew a cross-country move was on the agenda for the new year and feared that I would allow this new habit to slip down the priority list. Something had been on my heart since October when I’d met Amy from Mom’s Toolbox at the Relevant Conference. I could not shake her question: could I honestly say I had read every page of the Bible? By Christmas I knew I would take her up on the challenge to read the Bible in 90 Days with other women. We would hold each other accountable through her blog as part of mentored groups and on Twitter using the #B90Days hashtag. While I took longer than the 90 days, I could not have spent that time on anything better.

Had I not ventured into the world of Twitter, I wonder at the blessings I would have missed out on over the last year. Thank you to each of the amazing women who have stepped out and shared their love for God through the platforms available to us in this early 21st Century. Another Bible in 90 Days session starts today. I pray that each person who makes the commitment will persevere. If you are looking for accountability, I cannot more highly recommend Good Morning Girls.

Do you think social media has enhanced or detracted from your walk with God? If it is interfering, what is one thing you can change today to stop that from happening?