Have you ever hopped in the car and just taken off somewhere you have never been?

Alright, we put a little planning into this trip. Several years ago when SkipperClan returned from a tour in Iraq, his parents joined us in Italy and we drove to Pisa. We took two cars because it was cheaper to do that than rent a larger van. (If you have ever driven or parked in Italy, you know that is easier with two small cars.) We made it to the city late one afternoon so the sun was setting as we toured the area around the leaning tower.

One thing I have learned while traveling is that popular tourist spots are usually not what you would expect. Sometimes it can be disappointing because the site may not live up to the expectations in your mind.

Sometimes there is a lot more beauty to explore than you thought possible.

Have you ever traveled somewhere that was much better (or worse!) than you expected?