Office Makeover Part 1

Remember how I told you last week about my barstool makeover? The great thing about a project like that is how quickly you can make a dramatic change. Now, remember when I asked you to share your thoughts on plastic storage drawers? Well, that project certainly led to dramatic change. Unfortunately, for most of the week it was just the kind of change where one organizing project led to another.

I wanted to hide the storage drawers in the office, but that meant I needed to get the shorter set from the garage. That meant I had to swap the contents out and clean the one I wanted moved to the office.

I wanted to put a few boxes of memorabilia and seasonal supplies into our front closet where the vacuum was stored. To make room for those boxes, I needed to move forward on organizing the upstairs linen closet so that our vacuum would fit there.

As I determined which shelves, bins and boxes worked best on the expedit bookcase, I was able to utilize some of the remaining stash to add storage in other rooms such as the garage and a bedroom. As I emptied cabinets and storage bags, I needed to take pictures and post ads to Craigslist.

Finally, as I organized like items together and put them in the individual cubes of the shelf, I realized I need to do a second round of purging! Pulling it all out eliminated at least one third of the items from the space through recycling or donation. Each category (scrapbooking, stamping, cross stitch and business) has items that are no longer my style or I know I won’t commit to working with in the next year. I am using the one year mark as a guide because I believe after that amount of time, it is likely my tastes will change further and it is not worth storing it. It would be better for me to spend a few dollars for an item here or there over the course of the year than to have so much in the room that I am distracted from my goals.

One of my best friends in the world is here to visit for a week, so I plan to do a final update in a couple of weeks. For now I’d love to know: what project have you started that turned out to be a lot more work than you expected?