Life Planner

Life Planner

I love a great calendar but the dream planner always seemed to elude me. I have tried:
*my phone
*a monthly calendar at home
*a simple daily to do list
*free calendars from businesses
*90-day calendars designed for my sales business
*a simple spiral notebook
*monthly-view pages
There never seemed to be one that was just right.

Ever felt like Goldilocks when searching for an organizing tool?

Too big, too small…but never just right.

Here’s hoping that the gorgeous package gracing my front door a few days ago is exactly that: just right.

I love it when a company makes their packaging as fun as the goodies inside. Speaking of goodies…

Cards, labels and discount codes all included at no extra cost. Suuuuuhhhhweet! Those were fun, but I wanted to peel back the red tissue paper and decide if this Life Planner was going to be everything I’d dreamed.

Here are things I love about the Life Planner so far:

1. Tabs on Monthly View Pages-Not only are the tabs built into the design of this planner, but they are different colors. This means I can move quickly between months when scheduling appointments. I like having a month at a glance so I can easily see the big picture before making new commitments.

2. Large Daily Columns in the Weekly View Pages-I like a week at a glance view for more detail but still want to have room on each day’s view for to-do lists and notes. Many week-at-glance pages are too small for the detail I use. I can write plenty of detail such as names and phone numbers of clients or addresses for appointments. The weekly view includes a small monthly view as well, meaning I don’t need to flip back to the monthly view for dates.

3. Pages and Pages for Notes-There is not enough praise for this feature. I am already using these pages to track goals. They could be used for simple budgeting, journaling or meeting notes. These are placed with each month and more blank pages are in the back of the binder as well. The notes pages in the back have even more flexibility since they are unlined. Maybe you will create a collage for a home project or tape frequently used business cards. Speaking of the back of the planner…

4. Pocket Pages-There is a zippered pocket page for carrying small items. I like keeping a few postcards, business cards and stamps here. When I have to wait somewhere, I can jot a quick note to a client or team member. Business cards stay neat and professional. There is another pocket page as well. This is an open pocket where I can easily slip invitations, flyers or schedules until they are transferred to the pages of my planner.

5. Laminated Cover-Not only was I able to customize my cover with photos, but the exterior pages are laminated. If I had to pick one feature as my favoritest favorite, it would probably be that. I’m not promising I can pick one thing, but it’s definitely in my top three. Durability without an extra cover and easily cleaned: thank you very much!

6. Smart Design-Other features I love include the colorful and fun design, little circles by the to-do list areas for checkmarks and dates being filled in on all the blocks of the monthly page. For instance, this week the last day of the month falls on a Wednesday but I can easily see Saturday will be the 3rd without turning any pages. There are pages where you can note important dates for each month at one glance and a contact sheet for important numbers.

I got a great deal on this through Plum District that is now expired, but I already think this planner is worth the full price. The planner will go from the current month through the end of next year. Getting one now means you spend less than $4 per month to have everything you need in one place.

Do you have tools that make it fun to be organized?