SandDollar Beach

Summer Goals – How Did You Do?

With the short, Northwest summer coming to an abrupt end this week, I know it is time to recognize summer’s end. What better way to do this than to check in on my Summer Goals?

Reading-I only managed three of the ten books on my Summer Reading List. I kept getting distracted by other books recommended to me, most of which were available free at the library or nearly-free for my Kindle.

I am currently reading To Live is Christ by Beth Moore as my devotional material, The E-Myth Revisited and Organized Simplicity (thank you Borders clearance sale).

SandDollar Beach

Beach Time-We definitely spent our fair share of weekend afternoons (books in hand) at the local State park soaking up the summer sunshine. Both my husband and I fell asleep one of those afternoons and I paid the price. I still look extra fair on my face compared to the rest of my upper body because I always have great skin care products on my face…oops! Here’s your friendly reminder to treat the decollete with the same products as your face.

Projects-Here are a list of projects I completed from the 52 Weeks Inspiration list.


Outdoor Adventures-We did not made it out to the San Juan area but we did manage a few other outdoor adventures. We went camping one night in July so KitKat was happy. We actually had a great time and I wonder if we will be going again this fall. It might be hard to squeeze it in to the schedule. SkipperClan took KitKat on a daytrip to Mt. Ranier on the motorcycle. They had a fabulous time and I did not pout too much that I was not going. SkipperClan also just finished an overnight trip on the bike around the Olympic Peninsula last week. He definitely met a couple interesting people. SkipperClanJr had several camping trips with Scouts, too.

Crafting-Okay, so this category pretty much did not happen. I did get my supplies in order though! I also ended up working on a photography challenge in August.

Visits With Friends-Friends did visit and we are so glad! We had a quick breakfast with a couple from Maryland in June, then one of my best friends came with her husband and son in August. We were able to incorporate seeing the Pike’s Place Market in Seattle while they were here.

Not only did we have the expected piano and tumbling lessons, along with Boy Scout activities…but KitKat made the dance team for the local high school. That added another camp to the summer schedule as well as tryouts and practices. We celebrate a couple of birthdays in this house each summer as well.

What did you do this summer that was part of your plan? What is the most memorable un-planned thing you did?