To Live Is Christ

This weekend I finished another book on my Reading List.

Bible Study

Some people might say I am a Beth Moore fan. That is not really accurate. She is an amazing teacher, but she is a human being. Her love for God, and what He does through her, despite her humanity, draws me to her writing. I will not become more perfect, more Godly, more anything just by reading her words. When I use her writing to point me toward the Bible, the scripture on which she bases her studies, and act according to what God shows me in His Word…then I can be changed.

Sometimes only a little, sometimes a lot.

This particular book is divided into 50 chapters. I read it over the course of a few weeks but it would make a fantastic devotional if you studied the material discussed in each chapter on a daily basis. Study questions in the back allow the opportunity for personal reflection or small group discussion. The material was developed into one of her dvd studies as well.

The material is primarily focused on the life of Paul. Sometimes it can be difficult to have a clear picture of the timeline of the events of Paul’s life and the letters he wrote to various churches. Despite having read through the Bible earlier this year, I found this book helped me understand better the sequence of events. I also found it helpful to have descriptions of the leadership of the Roman empire and how it impacted Paul’s imprisonment and ultimately his death. I appreciate how Moore incorporated examples of Paul’s own writing to further clarify verses often taken out of context as well, such as I Timothy 2:11-12.

Places I folded the page:

  • “The LORD will be your conifdence/and will keep your foot from being snared.” Proverbs 3:26
  • 14 exhortations about spiritual warfare, page 263
  • Recognition of the teaching by women in Paul’s own writing, page 282

What are some of your favorite books or study guides that help you gain a greater understanding of the culture and history surrounding the earliest Christians mentioned in scripture?