Rewarding Moments

When you are in the middle of dirty diapers and toddler tantrums, it’s hard to envision those children sitting across the table from us as young adults. I promise, they really do grow up fast.

It is easy to remember all the times I lost my temper, lacked patience or neglected chores.

When I read through the first few books of the Bible, I see God telling his people to celebrate. Today my heart was celebrating.

Remembering days filled with paint and construction paper.
Remembering books read over and over.
Remembering songs sung to learn letters and Bible verses.
Remembering conversations and one thousand questions during car rides.

All those days, memories, lead to a day where your child sits across from you and you realize he really is becoming a young man. One who will influence his family, community and world for the better. He asks questions about world history, political tensions and the future possible for people in a nation under oppressive rule. He leads his peers while recognizing their needs before his own. He makes his mom and dad very proud.

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7 thoughts on “Rewarding Moments”

  1. As my kids are 6, 4 and 1, I’m smack in the middle if the day-that-never-ends phase of motherhood. May I live and parent so that in 10 short years I can truly celebrate!!

  2. First of you, beautiful family and pictures!

    And your heart here, is really encouraging to me as I am still in the season of toddler tantrums! I need to hear this message often.

    So glad you linked up!

  3. Visiting from Multitudes on Mondays and Write It, Girl!

    Our son turned 8 this passed summer and I’ve begun feeling what you’ve shared. Although God has blessed me with the ability to be home the majority of his life, allowing me to share in the majority of life’s experiences, watching him grow and grow and grow reminds me of the days that are behind me. So thankful, however, for what lies ahead.

    Have a blessed week!

  4. Oh, I know your words to be true. I just have to look at my nine-year-old and see life is spinning and her long little legs stretching and her heart growing.

    Sigh. Savor it. Savor it. Savor it. I must repeat those words to myself again and again.

  5. Thanks for the fresh reminder of a message the Lord is putting on my heart to treasure the moment and give thanks for today, especially with my kids!

    Love all your family pics!

    By His Grace,

  6. It really does go by fast. I’m singing songs to my grandson that I sang to his daddy. We have one more adult son finding his bearings before we’re completely empty nesters. He was sharing an apartment and then moved back home. I can’t believe how fast it all went.

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