Friends Like Family

Friends Like Family

Military life means sometimes you are the only parent home to make things happen. Through the years, we never would have survived those times without the friends who would literally drop anything to help us out.

Today military families aren’t the only ones who need this kind of support. Do you know a single mom or dad? Does your neighbor’s spouse travel often for work? Look for these people as you go through the holiday season and ask:

Can I pick up anything for you at the store?
Can I babysit for a bit so you can get your holiday shopping done?
Can you come over for dinner with us one night so you don’t have to cook?
Can I help you in some way so that you can take care of YOU?

Today I helped a friend whose husband is deployed. She has thanked me profusely since I agreed to help and since I took her home today. It was no trouble at all, in fact, it felt like a small payback for the countless times others have helped me in the same way.

#116-#119 Of One Thousand Gifts

Friends you can call day or night

Giving that feels a lot like receiving

Arriving early to an appointment so you get to chat

Saying thank you with actions, not just words