Enjoying Christmas: Sending Cards

Enjoying Christmas: Sending Cards

I love sending Christmas cards every year as much as I enjoy receiving them. Last year I chose this design from Shutterfly.

The card was a big hit. It was the first time I had people call, text, and email just to say how much they loved the card. If you are in the Washington DC or Northern Virginia area, I highly recommend Chelle’s Chic Shots. Chelle was the talented woman responsible for our great photos!

I am thrilled with the photos we took this year and the way our cards turned out after choosing Erin Condren Designs for the printing. But I’m not going to spoil it for our friends and family by sharing it here today.

Christmas cards may be joy for you like they are for me. For many people, the expectations and work involved in sending cards steal that joy from their holidays though. Whether your cards for the holidays are currently a work in progress or you haven’t even thought about them yet, here are some ideas.

Don’t send any. If they aren’t that important to you, don’t let others’ expectations determine your Christmas to-do list. I think there’s enough on there already, don’t you?

Send an email. Maybe you’d like to genuinely share the highlights of your year with those closest to you but you don’t have a lot of time to commit to it. Send an email or e-card. You can include your own photo or skip that. Easy peasy.

Send simple cards to those closest to you. Top ten lists are great for goal setting and prioritizing. Use that to pare down your recipient list to the top ten friends and family members in your life. You can pick up a simple box of cards at any mass retailer or make them if you prefer. No photo shoot needed, one sheet of stamps, done.

Photo cards aka The Whole Enchilada. Maybe you’re like me and you LOVE sending the cards but just haven’t gotten to it yet. There is plenty of time. If you plan to include a new photo, now is the time. Keep it simple, casual, indoors…whatever it takes to get the photo done in the next couple of days. Print your own or order online like I have the last couple of years. Instead of photo cards, you could type up a letter of highlights to include. Spend a few minutes editing the addresses of your recipients to make sure you don’t send cards to old addresses.

Sending Christmas cards should bring a smile to your face, not just the ones of those who open them.

What is your Christmas Card tradition?