Handmade Gift: Photo Coasters

Handmade Gift: Photo Coasters

Now that ribbons are removed and the paper is torn, I can share with you my latest Pinterest project: photo coasters.

I took inspiration from several other bloggers’ projects but decided to use photos from our own travels in Europe. Since these coasters were a gift for my inlaws, I used photos specifically from our trips together. While this is a simple project, I thought I would share a few tips from my second attempt success.

Let me start by showing you my inspiration.

Two Girls Being Crafty

Scrapbook Coasters from Two Girls Being Crafty

Map Coasters from Three Sisterz

Map Coasters from Three Sisterz

First, gather up supplies: Modge Podge, tiles, images {scrapbook paper, maps, or photos}, gorilla glue, decorative scissors, cork and clear sealer. Any time I can use decorative scissors without feeling trapped in the 90’s, I try.

Second, cut out the cork and glue it to the back of each tile. If you use Gorilla Glue like I did, dampen the back of the tiles before applying the glue. Place the tiles face side up to dry while you continue to work. I found this provided plenty of pressure to make the bond strong.

Third, cut out your photos or paper with the decorative scissors. I used cardstock after reading that others had greater success with thicker paper. Apply some of the Modge Podge to the back of the paper and place on the top of the tiles. Immediately apply another layer of the Modge Podge to the top of the paper as well. Allow this to dry before repeating with several more coats, drying in between each layer.

Fourth, apply a clear coat sealant to the coasters and allow to dry thoroughly. By the time these steps were complete, the cork was permanently attached and the coasters were ready for gift wrap.

Did you receive any handmade gifts for Christmas? Did you make any?