3 in 30: January Challenge

I told you some of my Finish Year goals and how I determined them last week. Today I thought it would be helpful to share the three main focus areas I have for January. Maybe the idea of breaking down your goals in all the areas of your life for the entire year sounds overwhelming. Even though I think it’s worth it, I know sometimes we just don’t take the time to go through the process.

The 3 in 30 challenge can help you make realistic changes this month.

Here are my 3 in 30 Goals for January.

Maximize my mornings. – I finished Kat’s {free} ebook Maximize Your Mornings this week and even though I have led a group through this challenge, I felt called to recommit myself to this discipline for January. I workout and read my Bible fairly consistently over the course of a month, but Kat reminded me that it is the discipline of intentionally beginning my day with these activities that helps beget more discipline in the rest of my day. In case this talk of self-control has you wanting to run the other direction, just think of it as a tool to help you live intentionally instead of wondering what happened to your day, week, or month. It will be well worth a little less sleep to have a lot more peace in my day. This is ultimately about my focus on the one word “finish” for 2012. I will never finish strong if I’m not equipped to leave the starting line.

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Create Something. – Another Finish Year goal is to make 12 creative projects this year. I had such fun making the photo coasters for a Christmas gift that I want to make as many 2012 Christmas gifts as possible. This will only happen by working on the goal throughout the entire year. I will be hosting a linky party on the 25th of each month. I will share with you what I have made and give you a chance to share what you are working on in your own life. I’m sure Pinterest will play a major role in this goal.

Improve this blog. – In particular, January will be more exploration in photography and the technical side of blogging. I will be completing another photo challenge, which I hope will improve my skills and expand my perspective. I will also be reading 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, which actually helps with my goal to read 24 books this year and implement at least one concept from each book.

So that’s it for January! Today was a beautiful celebration of our marriage anniversary, worship in our church and the taking of the Lord’s Supper with the arm of SkipperClan around my waist. I do not think it’s possible to have a better start for what I expect will be a year full of God working in our lives in a powerful way.

Communion Lord's Supper
courtesy Lainee Regina Photography

Comment below and tell me what your 3 in 30 Goals are so we can encourage each other to the finish line.

16 thoughts on “3 in 30: January Challenge”

    1. You can easily do it in a week, I think it only took me about 30 minutes to read it through, I’m printing off a few of the sheets to fill in about 30 minutes from now.

    1. Tami, I plan to give a little info on how I make each creative project so please follow the blog or stop back by to see if you would like to create with me.

  1. Just a few things…love the monthly goals! More manageable than yearly and helps to decrease procrastination until December to complete them. Mine are to decide on 12 gifts and recipients; loose 5pounds; enroll in college to finish my next degree. All are small steps towards my larger goals for the year.
    Also, I am the mother of 5 ages from 26 down to 13. I can honestly say my house wasn’t spotless when they were little and still isn’t. I do not regret any of the times I spent my time and energy on them and left the house less than perfect. My amazing kids are all healthy and happy and we have fantastic relationships…for me, “Mom” always comes before “housekeeper”. You are correct that things will get away from you and you will feel like the whole world is moving faster than you, but that is ok. When you are holding your children and getting one more hug and giving one more kiss, your baby dosn’t care what the rest of the world is doing.

    1. I believe the only way I can focus on my theme of having a “Finish Year” is to break it down as I go, so yes! monthly goals :) Congrats on going back for your degree. I finished my BS in September of 2010, 15 years after getting my AA degree. It’s hard work but a fabulous feeling: when it’s finished! So glad you stopped by the blog, I hope you’ll join me on Facebook or by email.

  2. I love your goals! They really hit home with me. My mornings are definitely not maximized, I want to make more Christmas presents this year, and there’s still more to tweak on my blog. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog, my plan is to post my photos each week from the challenge and I’m tweeting progress on the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog tasks. Hoping something I share is helpful for you too.

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