Smile Photo Challenge

3 in 30 Week 1 Update

It is time for my first weekly checkin for the month of January and my Finish Year goals.

So far so good.

The kids went back to school but SkipperClan himself is taking some time off work. This means our schedule is still in a bit of flux which makes it harder for me to accomplish all the things I have on the to do list. Of course, I get to hang out more with my husband, so it’s pretty much win-win.

Improve the blog.
This week I did complete the first seven steps in 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. I wrote a list post, setup the blog for mobile viewing, and interacted with more readers. Check.

I struggled working on my photography challenge on a daily basis. The weather is pretty gloomy here in the Pacific Northwest in January which means I don’t always have great lighting when I want to take a photo. The more I read, the more I see photographers I admire using other techniques to overcome lighting challenges without using a flash. Flash photos here almost always result in a photo I do not like. After a little make-up session, here’s what I have to share.

Smile Photo Challenge

Smile {Yours Truly}

Leaves Photo Challenge Flower Bud


Morning Sky Photo Challenge Sun Trees

Morning Sky

Books Photo Challenge


Maximize my mornings.
I started six of the seven days with my daily Bible reading, worship music and some form of exercise. Saturday was the first day I missed the mark because I forgot my alarm was only set for weekdays, oops! I definitely thing it is easier to stick to this routine if I get up at the same time every day, even on weekends. I sure did like getting the extra couple of hours of sleep though! This discipline will become even more important now that I will have at least 45 minutes of reading and preparation per day for the class I’ll be teaching for the next few months.

Create something.
Zero progress on this front. My intention is to create something that can be used for Christmas gift giving and right now the only thing I can think about is the table in my garage waiting for its makeover. I plan to issue a challenge this coming week on the blog then have our linkup on the 25th. I will also finalize my project choice in the coming week. Maybe something from my Pinterest-I-Want-To-Do Board.

How about you? Any goals for 2012 or the month you’ve made progress in this week? Any ideas for creative gifts?