Creative Giving Challenge

I am so excited to be sharing a new challenge with you today!

I want to get back to the creativity I enjoyed prior to working on my Bachelor’s degree and save our family some money at the same time. After making a last minute gift this Christmas that I loved as much as the recipient did, I decided to create a new challenge for 2012. I will be calling it the Creative Giving Challenge and hosting a linkup on the 25th of every month so you can share your projects with us as well. What is the challenge?

1. Create something! Have a project saved on Pinterest? Scrapbook or stamping supplies piled in a bin? Paints, jewelry, or clay waiting for you to get messy with them? Fabric or yarn set aside for weeks alongside your best intentions? Get them out and make something. Bonus points if it is something you could give as a gift this year to help out your budget. {Ok, not really any bonus points since there isn’t going to be a test, but you know…}

2. Share your gift! If you are a blogger, create a post on your own blog with photos and tips on your project and be ready to link up on the 25th of each month. Make sure to grab the Creative Giving button and include it in your post or on your blog. The trick for me will be sharing the items I make on the blog when many of their would-be recipients will be reading my posts! I decided that I will make items to share on the blog that we can enjoy in our home, but will be easily edited and duplicated for gift giving. I still plan to make at least one gift each month specifically for Christmas giving this year, even if I don’t share the photos of those exact items.

That’s it! What will you make in the next two weeks? I will be attempting my own photo canvas project. We have beautiful photos from our travels and not a lot of art hanging on our walls. I will be sharing with you something like this…

Source: via Tammy on Pinterest

For Christmas gifts you could make these small or large, with photos of people or places, and hang with ribbon or wire. Lots of possibilities! This linkup will run every month in 2012 on the 25th of the month…you know on the Christmas-versary.

Leave a comment today with the project you plan to complete by next Friday so others can share in the great ideas then come back on the 25th and linkup.