Dog by Fireplace

3 in 30 Week 3 Update

The snowstorm of the Pacific Northwest last week meant I had almost no progress on my goals last week.

Dog by Fireplace

We spent a lot of time in front of this fireplace and burning candles…

We didn’t have power for two days, I didn’t drive anywhere all week, and things were generally crazy. The amount of snow was almost a record for the area and it was followed by freezing rain and winds. While the weather was nothing compared to what we’ve survived in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania, the combination of everything back-to-back {in an area that rarely sees this weather} was paralyzing to the infrastructure. Some schools and homes in our area are still without power.

I’d like to say I managed to enjoy life through the craziness, but I didn’t have to go that long without life’s luxuries. 

I think it was a fabulous reminder of how easy, how good, we have it in America today.

While it might seem silly to post about not making any progress on my goals, part of the effectiveness in reaching goals is accountability and review. So, no matter how good or bad last week was in accomplishing your goals, I invite you to join me for this new week.

  • Improve the Blog: I plan to work through the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog ebook, but found the SITS Girl challenge, so if this carries into February, I will still have the accountability I need to finish it. This is more about effective change than a schedule for me, but the SITS Girl challenge is still my backup timeline, goal is Jan 31st. My photo challenge? Currently debating if I should continue this or restart in February.
  • Maximize my Mornings: I actually had great success with our first official week in the challenge, partially because getting up early was the only time I could be alone while we were all stuck inside from the weather. Getting up and spending time studying and memorizing is going well. This week my focus is to add the fitness aspect consistently.
  • Create Something: I actually did a couple of projects from Pinterest, more from boredom and having supplies on hand than anything. I could not get out to purchase the canvas for my January project but I will be doing that today. Of course, I have to get the printer to cooperate too. What do you think of my take on the Christmas card book?

What was on your list last week that needs to move to this week’s list?