3 in 30 Week 6 Update

Memorize James Chapter 1

This is not going as quickly as I hoped but I am determined to make significant progress this week. Originally, I hoped to be finished with chapter one by Valentine’s Day. I have decided I will be satisfied if this chapter is memorized by the end of the month.

Workout Three Days Each Week

Not only did I make it to the gym three days this week, the number on the scale is steadily going down. Our gym ran a promotion for personal training sessions and we decided it was worth the cost for me. I have my baseline evaluation Monday so I am very excited to see my results continue to improve. I have definitely found a new normal with portion sizes over the last ten days and my energy level has increased. We need more dinner options where vegetables are the main course with meat and starch as sides…instead of the other way around. I don’t eat after 7pm and I drink a ton of water now.

Minimize Spending in Key Areas

Not only did we decide to spend money on the personal trainer, but dinner was a disaster one night this week as well. We’re calling that dinner out our Valentine’s date. At least I’ve spent well under $200 for groceries so far this month! I also found a new chair while shopping for costume materials at Goodwill this week. I think I have to call this goal a complete disaster for the week. I did write the check for SkipperClanJr’s first college course though. That was surreal and probably another blog post in itself.

How did you do on your goals this week?