3 in 30 Week 7 Update

This week has felt like running on a treadmill. I despise running on a treadmill.

Because I feel like I’m not making any progress.

Weekly check-ins are good for that very reason though, we can evaluate where we are going long before we find ourselves hopelessly lost. Most of the things I accomplished this week have little to do with my 3 in 30 goals. Why am I okay with that?

Because the places I spent my time still build my Finish Year goals.

One of my goals is to increase my monthly income average this year. This week I attended a fabulous job fair and booked tons of new appointments with great new clients. Another goal is to live out my faith in my community, not just talk about it. This week I took the time to meet with someone about a misunderstanding and we came to a happy resolution. I also met a young mom who is new to the area and seeking a group of women for encouragement. I got to share with her about our weekly PWOC meeting. None of this was in direct correlation to my 3 in 30 goals, but here is what I was thinking…

What would be the point of me memorizing James 1 if I don’t live it out?

I am going to be satisfied with this week’s progress because I truly believe I was living exactly where God wanted me each day this week.

Memorize James Chapter 1

I have been giving myself a free pass on this one. I think deep down it feels nearly impossible. With God, all things are possible so I am done making excuses. I will start and end each quiet time with memory work until I begin to see more progress on this.

Workout Three Days Each Week

I did this again this week, despite my busy schedule. Unfortunately, cramming three intense days together Monday-Wednesday left me extremely exhausted and my back a little sore. I am meeting with the personal trainer this week so I am excited to get feedback from a professional on the best schedule for me.

Minimize Spending in Key Areas

I saved about 20% off this week’s grocery bill with coupons. However, Friday and Saturday our schedules changed at the last minute with our kids’ activities so we ended up eating out both nights. I think for March we are going to have to pull out cash and use the envelope system to get this area of spending reduced. I would also like to take a day and put a few dishes together in the freezer. I’ve done this in the past but we’ve used most of it up since the first of the year. Fortunately, the increased business opportunities I’ve had lately are balancing some of the unplanned spending and temporary expenses.

 How was your week? Any accomplishments you are particularly proud of?