3 in 30 Week 8 Update

3 in 30 Week 8 Update

Well, today is the final February update for my 3 in 30 progress. Here’s where I stand.

Memorize James Chapter 1

I did not keep this goal a priority and only memorized three verses. I figured out today that if I memorize 1-2 verses per day, I can still be done with James 1 and 2 by the end of March. I am going to start writing down what I am memorizing each day on index cards. I have been working from a copy of the entire book and my phone app so far.

Workout Three Days Each Week

This last week I only worked out only twice but for the rest of the month I met or exceeded my goal. I have my workouts planned for the last three days of the month as well. I am very happy about accomplishing this goal.

Minimize Spending In Key Areas

While I definitely reduced the total grocery spending this month, I do not believe I accomplished the heart of this goal. I spent more than I planned in getting a dress for our formal event last week. I found several items thrifting as well and got a couple things at a friend’s direct sales party this weekend. Each month I continue to become more consistent with budgeting and spending on purpose though, and I had a good increase in my income this month. I learned a lot just attempting this, and for that I am grateful.

Now it’s time to decide on goals for March.

I will continue to work on areas I have addressed in January and February such as working out consistently and improving spending using the cash envelope system for a couple of categories. I went back to my goals for my Finish Year and realized I am ready to focus on a couple of new things. One thing remains on my focus though…

Memorize James Chapters 1 and 2

I am determined not to give up on this. I do not want to settle for defeat here, so I am focusing on one to two new verses each day with the goal of finishing both by March 31st. Any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated!

Increase Monthly Income

I have a goal this year to average a certain amount of monthly income. I would like to reach 75% of that target in March. I have met some great new women in the area and have had fabulous appointments this last week. The biggest challenge here is the consistency of my efforts and that is the reason I am making it a focus this month. I plan to address different areas of my business through the month as well, including increasing the number of customers using my Facebook page.

Utilize My Family Binder

I had a control journal for years when I was using FlyLady’s system but it was more of a reference¬†binder. Since I found Jen’s amazing blog last spring, I have been tweaking our family binder and am finally happy with most of it. I have slowly incorporated lots of my routines and information (including a goals section) into the notebook but I do not always follow those plans. This month I want to focus on using that binder to actually complete the tasks it is designed to help me do routinely. Some of the areas in particular I plan to focus on are:

  • Complete my weekly, monthly and quarterly cleaning tasks
  • Utilize my goals section to complete some unfinished projects
  • Read more intentionally to complete my goal of reading 24 books this year

So, there is an update on February and a look ahead to March. I should probably make “blogging regularly” a goal at this point, but hopefully that will happen too.

What have you accomplished in February? Any plans for March?