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Ten Reasons to Take Fitness Classes

For much of my life, the only thing that would have made me run was the mention of exercise. After learning a lot more this last year about keeping my back healthy, I see my exercise time as a necessity instead of a chore. However, that does not mean I have magically erased that desire to stay in bed when the alarm goes off in the morning. Many days I put on my exercise clothes immediately: the closest thing I have found to tricking my brain into thinking it wants to workout.

Today I wanted to share ten good things about taking fitness classes.


  1. Accountability – We have all heard that we are much more likely to keep up with exercise if we have a workout buddy. That isn’t always possible, especially with today’s busy lifestyles. A class gives you a bunch of workout buddies. You may only wave and say hello to the others, but at least you know someone is waiting for you at the gym.
  2. Schedule – Taking a class automatically makes you schedule your workout time. If a cycle class starts at 915 in the morning, you know exactly when you have to be there. You’re much less likely to keep putting off your workout throughout the day.
  3. Professional Training – We can’t always afford personal training sessions but with classes, we get an instructor who can help us with form and modifications. Even the volunteer instructor in your church or gym is going to have more experience than you if you are trying out a new form of exercise.
  4. Variety – This may be my personal favorite! One of the biggest reasons I have given up on exercising regularly in the past was boredom. It’s the same with menu planning or anything else routine. Classes give us the chance to keep our minds and muscles from becoming apathetic.
  5. Challenge – By taking a class, we are likely to see others at all levels of physical strength. We are side by side with individuals who can lunge deeper, cycle faster, or jump higher. We can ask ourselves if we are really working to our full potential or if, just maybe, there is a little bit more inside.
  6. Perspective – When we step out of our busy days to exercise, we invite a few minutes of calmness into our day. Fitness classes keep our minds focused on the exercises at hand. We are surrounded by people from all walks of life with different challenges than us. When the workout is over, we can go through the rest of our day with a sense of accomplishment no matter what else life throws at us.
  7. Fun – This one you may not believe until you actually try a class, but with a good instructor, your group can really have fun with exercise. Just ask those of us trying to balance today in Pilates class.
  8. New Friends – Chances are that you will meet someone in a fitness class with whom you might not otherwise cross paths. I have gotten tips on other classes, clothing, and nutrition from class members.
  9. Second Chances – Classes are great because even if you miss one, there is another one scheduled within a few days. Going to IKEA with a friend all day Friday? {Oh yes, I did} Make sure you are at your spin class on Monday. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing because there is another class tomorrow to attend.
  10. Health – Whether you try a class at your local gym or form a stroller-walking group in your neighborhood, the goal is to improve your health. It is so easy to take it for granted when we are well, let’s work to keep ourselves that way!

Have you ever taken a fitness class you loved?

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