3 in 30 Week 11 Update

Memorize James 1 and 2

I implemented some of the suggestions from my mentor and accountability partner this week which helped me memorize a few additional verses. I can recite the first part of James 1 so automatically, that my brain seems to move ahead of my ability to speak. I am getting excited about this goal once again.

Increase Monthly Income

Making this a focus for March has led to my being a lot more consistent in working my business. I reached a quarterly goal this week that I missed in December. More importantly, I am enjoying other aspects of my life more now that I have dedicated tasks being completed each working day.

Utilize My Family Binder

We had friends over Friday night, so it was easier to work on my tasks throughout the week to make sure the house was ready. I also realized this week that it really is the neglected seasonal and deep cleaning tasks that are bothering me the most. I felt better after purging some of my clothes Saturday. If I make it until then, I think April will have a 3 in 30 goal of completing a list of Spring Cleaning tasks.

Have you started {or finished} Spring Cleaning? What is one task you do every year?

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4 Responses to 3 in 30 Week 11 Update

  1. Paula says:

    Looks like you’re doing great at all your goals. Great job! Accountability with memorization is so helpful.
    I don’t usually do spring cleaning because we are usually moving this time of year. I guess that’s my spring cleaning in a way.

    • Tammy says:

      Do you move every year? We have been here just about a year so it’s part of how I know some areas haven’t been deep cleaned for that long :)

  2. You are doing really good on your goals. Great job.

    • Tammy says:

      Thank you! Part of what I love with the 3in30 challenge is I am more focused on where I have succeeded instead of focusing on the negative.

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