The Good Wife’s Guide

I really enjoyed about Candace Cameron’s book, Reshaping It All, both for the content and the format. The latter aspect of that book was done by Darlene Schacht. When Darlene offered a copy of her new e-book for me to review, I could not refuse.

Despite how traditional I am about family roles, I have to admit the title made me do a double take. I did not want to read a book that condemned working mothers or insisted I was the only parent capable of washing dishes. Anyone who has dined with our family knows my husband is a much better cook than I. Women do not need a book that makes them feel incompetent. Having followed Darlene for some time on Twitter and at her blog, I knew that would not be her intent, so I read the entire book with this question in the back of my mind:

Would I want my teenage daughter to grow up and live by the principles inside this book?

When I opened the virtual pages, I read these words inside, “I believe as women, we are innately designed to be caregivers, nurturers, and lovers, and when we stop standing on our self-righteous principles to seek God’s word, we’ll find joy in serving those roles where we never thought we could.” Then soon after, “I cherish vintage values, and yet I understand they are simply a means to an end. Yes they are to be cherished, but unless I couple those values with strong conviction based upon the Word of god and what is right in His sign, they are nothing but tradition, custom and practice.”

No standard for my role as wife is justified by tradition or current culture, but only by the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

The first part of this book shares Darlene’s own experience in finding her place as help meet to her husband. She leads us to consider what has shaped our expectations for our role as wife. The second part gives her detailed plan for both maintaining and deep cleaning key rooms. Whether you are looking for some spiritual encouragement for your journey as a wife, or the practical checklists to tackle Spring cleaning, you will find it here.

You can find Darlene’s house cleaning schedule free on her blog but I think you’ll enjoy reading through her encouragement in the book as well. You can see my weekly routine here.

So yes, I do hope my daughter grows up to live by the main principle of this book: Seek God for the expectations for your marriage and your home. May God bless your marriage and your home as you seek Him.