3 in 30 Week 12 Update

There is only one week left in March, but I plan to work on my goals with just as much intensity as I did during the first seven days of the month. Instead of telling myself I only have one week left, I’m focusing on the fact that I still have one week left.

Memorize James 1 and 2

It is clear I will not reach this goal by the 31st since I have yet to finish memorizing even the first chapter of James. Missing a goal just means I am aiming high enough to stretch myself. The challenge to memorize the entire book of James is a big goal for 2012 and one I know I’m not capable of in my own ability. This challenge may in fact be the ultimate test for my Finish Year focus. I think I’m starting to move past frustration and into stubbornness. Persevering in this task will surely spill over into other areas of my life, so I can’t even consider giving up. Just this week I read a great tip at The Peaceful Mom on using an index card notebook to aid in Scripture memory. I’ve already gotten my own and will place the current verse inside the front pocket until it is complete.

Increase Monthly Income

This week was challenging. Appointments postpone and calls don’t always lead to sales. This is one of the trade-off’s of working for yourself. The month as a whole still looks like it will be an improvement over the prior month, which is the purpose of tracking this. It also really helps that I absolutely love spending time with the women I meet at appointments. I am so grateful that many appointments I held over the last few years continue to contribute to our family income. Ultimately, I will reach this goal when I spend time meeting the needs of women God places in my life.

Utilize My Family Binder

In addition to completing most of the weekly tasks in the midst of a busy week, I exterminated several more items from my Bug List. However, I have realized that I truly procrastinate when it comes to cleaning our bathroom. I’m seriously considering keeping our cleaning supplies in that room and not even coming downstairs on Tuesday until the job is done. That, or I’m just going to decide it’s really okay to only deep clean it every other week. I’ve also found a very comprehensive Spring Cleaning list that I think I’ll be using to track one of my April goals.

One of the biggest benefits of tracking my 3 in 30 goals this year is that I’m able to see where I want my focus to be the following month by the time a new month is drawing near.

What do you want to finish before the calendar moves from March to April?