3 in 30 Week 13 Update

No joke, March is over and April is here. Time for another 3 in 30 Goals roundup and decision time for the new month’s goals.

Memorize James Chapters 1 and 2

Totally missed this for March, but I am still going to work towards my goal to memorize this book in 2012. I believe using the notebook I assembled last week is helping tremendously, but I will no longer be tracking my progress here on the blog. Hopefully before the year is over I’ll be able to share my success in reaching this goal.

Increase Monthly Income

I did not reach this goal either, but my efforts have increased my momentum and helped me finish last week strong. I also added new team members and have a separate project in the works that will increase future income. I completed April’s budget in advance and believe working on both income and spending decisions will help us reach our goals. I even made new cash envelopes to use for a couple of key categories.

Utilize My Family Binder

I did read more this month and completed my weekly tasks more consistently. I also went through more of the monthly tasks than I had in previous months. I’m considering this goal reached; not because I did everything on the lists, but because attempting to do so helped me realize what systems work well for me. I also completed 25 of the 33 items on my Bug List. This girl loves putting a line through completed items on the to do list!

Let’s talk about April’s 3 in 30 Goals

I will continue working towards my Finish Year goals of reaching my monthly income target, running 3 miles, and reading 24 books. Each month needs focus though, so I have chosen three goals that will help simplify my life.

Spring Cleaning

I plan to work through the entire house, literally top to bottom, purging and deep cleaning.

Updating Contacts

My email programs and business records need to be synced and purged. I plan to go through one letter of the alphabet each day.

Simple Blogging

This month I’ll be working through the Simple Blogging e-book with the other bloggers from the 3 in 30 Challenge.

That’s the plan here, what are your April goals?