I sat at the table listening to a young mom share how she encourages her young children to pray thankfulness before their feet hit the floor. They yell to her from their rooms, “Mo-om! I told Jesus thanks for today!”

I listened to another mom, through her tears, tell us about the conviction she felt from God about trusting her pre-teen daughter’s spirituality to Sunday School classes and conferences. He was asking her, “But what are you doing to train and encourage your daughter?” She told us of her response, of becoming part of a group of moms and daughters who were not just hearing the Word, but being doers of the Word.

I felt the compassion of another daughter of the King who gave thanks for the friendships God placed in her life for this deployment. For the focus God was giving her and her husband to train up their children in the best way possible given their circumstances. She knows her marriage and her children will not be better if she only hopes and prays for it, but by being intentional and seeking the support she needs to accomplish that.

{I miss this lady...and having short hair}

We are in this together. This wife-thing, mother-thing, child-of-God thing we call life. The God who created us for relationship with Him, gives us the chance to work out relationship with each other. For the women who have been on this journey with me so far, thank you. For those I’ve yet to meet, I look forward to it.

Who can you get together with today? Let’s not wait for a better time.