Creative Giving Challenge: Fabric Pins

 Have you ever opened Pinterest, blinked, then realized thirty minutes had passed? Woosh! That was your life going by while you were browsing. I have challenged myself to use the ideas I save on my boards. In the Creative Giving Challenge, you can join me. On the 25th, I’ll post my completed project with the DIY details and invite you to link up. What will we create this month?

I completely ditched the project I originally planned and, in case you didn’t notice, it’s not the 25th! At least I had fun with this month’s project and I am posting before the end of the month…even if only by a few hours.

I attended the in{RL} meetup this Saturday where Melissa showed me how she made fabric pins. I loved the edging created by using pinking shears and the simplicity of the project. I think all the little girls on our Christmas list will be getting these pins. The brighter colored one I made Saturday is going to our sponsored child in India.

I started with some fabric I had on hand and cut out a few circles. It’s easier to cut a small piece, then fold it in half and cut a half-circle, so that when you unfold it, it’s (more) even.

Then I started layering the circles. If you have a thicker fabric for the base, that is helpful, I just used what I had. You can make it with as many layers as you like, but I recommend at least three layers. The first layer I left flat. The second layer, I folded the fabric in half and laid two circles side by side at the center.

For the third layer, I folded the fabric circles in half twice. You can roll these, fold them in half, then in thirds, or whatever variation you like. I like this tutorial too. At this point, I just layered these and held them in place with my fingers. You might choose to tack each layer down or use hot glue as a temporary hold.

The main thing to remember is to overlap these layers at least a little if you don’t sew them down individually. At this point, I began putting a few stitches through to hold everything together.

Once the fabric layers were relatively secure, I sewed a safety pin to the back. For the one I made Saturday, I simply attached a clip with hot glue. Finally, before I put the thread away, I sewed a button to the center.

These can be made into pins or clips, attached to bags or headbands, and many more uses. You could make these for a team, at a ladies’ retreat or to match custom fabrics.

Now it’s your turn! Have you created something this year that would make a great gift? Grab the Creative Giving Challenge Button from the sidebar and linkup. Let’s inspire each other this year.

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