3 in 30 Week 18 Update {Spring Retreat Weekend}

Here is this week’s update on my 3 in 30 goals, including details of our retreat weekend.

21 Days of Prayer for Sons

I played catch up a little this weekend on actually reading this book, but I have been praying daily for our son this month. He is driving independently which is a great reminder to pray, but he also took his SAT tests and has been working on achievements in Boy Scouts. I am constantly reminded that his time at home is quickly coming to an end.

21 Workouts

I ran twice last week and made it to the gym a couple times. I am now doing strength training before my cardio at the gym. I opted out of a hike at this weekend’s retreat but the weather is supposed to be beautiful all week. Hopefully that means daily walks even on days I go to the gym. I have officially finished four of my twenty-one workouts for the month. Based on the way my inner thighs feel after our four hour motorcycle ride, I should be able to count that as a workout, but I won’t.

Plan, Host or Attend Key Women’s Events

This weekend was our annual spring retreat with our local PWOC group. We truly went on retreat as there was no cell phone coverage or internet access. It was glorious. (They are in the process of installing wifi but it is almost a shame!) Nestled in the foothills of the Olympic mountain range was our weekend home at The Refuge…

The mission of The Refuge
With God’s help, we are committed to providing a place of refuge where ministry to individuals, couples, families and small groups can take place in a retreat setting of natural beauty, apart from the distractions of the secular world, and with a focus on the work of the Holy Spirit in conforming us to the image of Jesus Christ.

The facilities include various bedrooms able to sleep 4-10 in each room, handicap accessible main floor and lodging, as well as various meeting rooms. The kitchen is state of the art and easy to work in even if everyone gathers there (which they did). If you can get them to move to the dining room, there is seating for at least 40 people. Floor to ceiling windows in the great room allow you to enjoy the great outdoors even if you just want to curl up with a book. The director’s wife has hand painted furniture and accessories throughout the lodge. Wood burning fireplaces abound, but there is also radiant floor heating in the basement level where you may choose to host presentations with a pull down screen. You can walk from the lodge down to the nearby river or drive a few miles up the road to hike to one of several local waterfalls. There is a treehouse on the grounds and plenty of room for kids to play if you have families in attendance. It is just over an hour drive from Olympia, WA along the gorgeous Hood Canal.

More than just the location, it was such a blessing to get to know some amazing women for the first time and others on a deeper level. I took advantage of the personal reflection time scheduled after each session, as well as the free time on Saturday to read, journal, and pray about the different things God put on my heart. There is power in being vulnerable with women who see you for who you really are: a daughter of the King.

How are your May goals coming along? Have you stayed at a beautiful location for a retreat?