3 in 30 Update Week 21 Update {May Wrap Up}

I would like to use this adorable face as my reason for disappearing from the blog.

That baby shower I hosted recently? It was to celebrate this little girl who made her appearance a few days later. I spent lots of time with her big sister, then spent lots of time playing catch-up because I am not used to having a toddler anymore. It was wonderful and busy and a blessing all at once. Her little face and all the time spent with her family is pretty much my Week 20 3 in 30 Update. Now, for  Week 21…

21 Days of Prayer for Sons

I printed this book and I prayed for my son. I did not really stay active in the Facebook group or read the book each day as I originally intended. I get easily frustrated when I set out plans for a goal and it doesn’t come together the way I pictured. However, I find myself praying daily for my kids instead of just thinking about what they are doing. It has blessed me so I am checking this goal off as complete.

21 Workouts

Not. even. close. I have worked out even less this month than I have all year. I wish I could chalk this up to just being so busy, but if I am honest, I have also gotten lazy. My back is reminding me of how negligent I have been. I will miss this goal for the month, but getting back on track this week by scheduling my gym time like a doctor’s appointment each day.

Plan, Host or Attend Key Women’s Events

I attended a retreat the first weekend in May, hosted a baby shower the second weekend, and helped my friend welcome home her newborn the third weekend. {I am also participating in three other programs with our PWOC this month along with a monthly meetup for a local military spouses group.} This weekend, I was able to drive down to Portland to spend the day with one of my best friends for the day. Gloriously, our husbands get along well too and the weather was beautiful.

Does anyone else realize exactly how rarely those details all come together?

We went to the Rose Garden so their little boy could run and play while we tried to cram 8 months of life into a few hours of chatter. A mile away in the heart of the city, we devoured some food from a little grill before getting lost in Powell’s Books. If spending a day in another city, catching up with your best friend isn’t a “key woman’s event” then I don’t know what is. I loved our time together and getting to see a little more of the Pacific Northwest in the process.

These last few days of May will have me refocusing on my workout routine and counting all the blessings of my life because of the women who surround me. Did you reach the goals you had set for May?